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FOUND magazine.

seeing as how i'm the founder and maintainer i should probably make the first post so you can get an idea of what i'd like this community to be about.

carslbad, california

i found this yesterday inside the front cover of a used book.
it says "Ken" on the back. dig the kid's natty plaid bow tie;
goes well with the shirley temple.

this is an excerpt from the FOUND magazine website. i read about the magazine in a zine -- i can't remember if it was law of inertia or rockpile or punk planet or what. basically, it is a collective of people devoted to the cult of the discovered and discarded.

they collect found letters, photographs, and, i quote: "anything that gives a glimpse into someone else's life." all of this is done without sarcastic dismissal. there's a quiet reverence for people's private things there, a lot of curiosity.

shortly after hearing about it, i came across the newest issue at work (chapters yonge & steeles). i wasn't the only one to, it seems like; all four copies were sold pretty much within a week.

i just wanted to spread word, if possible, of this oddly touching magazine. it's thought-provoking and has a really neat punk aesthetic. check it out.

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